To keep you up to date of any recent additions to the Artists pages or other submissions, here we will show thumbnails of paintings and craft work that have been recently added. They are also links so just click on the thumbnail & scroll down to see the paintings full size.

Artist's Pages

from Barbara Thorogood (14/7/2024)
from Martine Finch (11/7/24)
from Sally Filby (28/6/24)
from Kerry Harris (22/6/24)
from Tony Hopper (16/5/24)
from Marilyn Harbord (21/3/2024)
from Marilyn Harbord (21/3/2024)
from Tony Hopper (12/3/2024)
from Barbara Thorogood (12/3/2024)
from Susan McCarthy (16/2/2024)
from David Hine (12/12/2022)
Heritage Railway Sketchbookfrom Kerry Harris (12/12/2022)
from Kerry Harris (28/5/2022)
from Tom Onions (4/5/2022)
from Phyllis Tarrant (31/3/22)
from Carol Allen (17/3/22)
from Marian Blackett-Johnson (12/3/22)
from Jenny Alderton (22/2/2022)
from Valerie Southgate (29/6)
from David Hine (18/2/2022)
Yupo Art Paper  (15/1/22) featuring works by Barbara Thorogood, Marilyn Harbord and Susan McCarthy
from June McManamon (8/12)
from Susan McCarthy