Kerry Harris

Kerry has been a member of Stanway Art Club for well over ten years and enjoys a wide range of artistic activities. He has cultivated a very loose art style which he currently uses to create rather quirky images of buildings, cars and animals.

Prior to Covid he and his wife Pat spent a lot of time travelling to many countries in Europe and beyond. His passion when travelling is sketching and he treats his sketchbooks as Travel Journals recording, both in words and pictures, the places they visit and the people they meet.


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London Theatres & Spanish Missions



World Wide Places

Wonky Vehicles

Kerry's Rally Vehicles


Tuscan Villages

The Painting Class 

There was a painting class on Wednesday’s at the Stanway Village Hall. 

At one o’clock precisely we’d meet there one and all.

They were mostly well bred ladies with a penchant for the arts,

and a token male contingent that made up their counterparts.


When Jenny rang her little bell we had to pay attention; 

she’d often tell us someone’s ill, they’d always get a mention.

She’d give us all a demo or a still life to attempt, 

and if someone’s work was worthy, they’d get a compliment.


Our administering angel, it was Doris bye the way;

no matter what the weather, she’d a cheery word to say.

She’d pour us out our water, and at twenty five past two,

she was calling out “Tea’s ready….that’s forty pence to you”.


Oh Marjorie, dear Marjorie, an expert on the past.

She’d tell you tales of travel, her experiences were vast.

And Roger was our expert on Germany and the Hun;

he seemed to know what happened there since 1941.


Artistic talent varied from quite good to mediocre,

as brushes filled the images with shades of yellow ochre.

The strains of Webber’s musicals or David Whitehorns’s wit,

gave the class the inspiration to create a little bit.


Our conversations varied from the mundane to the arts, 

with conclusions to these topics the sum of all their parts.

At five to three, we’d had our tea and done a bit more painting,

and then we knew we had to go, another class was waiting.

Kerry Harris


"This poem was written before we lost Marjorie and David."