Kerry Harris - Miscellaneous

Above are a couple of acryllic works Kerry painted on box canvas.

Kerry's version of 'There's an Old Mill by the Stream'. I wonder where he got that idea from?

South Wales Colliery Heritage Centre

Selfridges, Oxford Street, London

Brunelleschis 'Warped' Duomo, Florence

A 'Wonky' Tower Bridge

Tarpon Springs, Florida - Gulf Coast

Mid-West US Ranch

The Rock Restaurant, Arkansas

The Old Barn

Buffalo Ranch, Madison, Georgia

Something different from Kerry today. Kerry says "As you know, I am not keen on doing portraits, but I did enjoy doing this lady all in 2B pencil. What do you think? "

Well I think it's spot on.

A fisherman's cottage which Kerry entered in an Instagram challenge.

Casa Wonky

Sunflowers. No, not that one

A pair of very sad Basset hounds


Holkham Beach in Norfolk

A Gondola on a Venetian Canal

Aldburgh, Holkham Beach, the Gondola and Bald Eagle are all painted with acrylic paint.

The Bald Eagle

Here are a couple of paintings Kerry produced as we remembered the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War.

Kerry says "My friends in Canada have just aquired a really cute puppy called Bailey and I just had to capture him in a painting which I have sent to them",

Kerry adds "Then, to keep myself amused, I did this 'humerous' sketch. I thought it might cheer up some of our members".

Knapdale Forest, Argyll

A house in Stanway Green

Anyone who is interested in Kerry's work should have a look at his new website recently published called "Travels with my Sketchbook". To view it click here.