When I asked everyone what did they miss most from the Jenny Alderton classes, themed projects was in the majority of answers. Jenny had plenty of source images to choose from, but now, we do not have such a luxury. However, when I started to draw from the Chinese lady, one or two members showed an interest and decided to 'Have a Go' themselves. I thought it might be a good idea to ask everyone to participate and see what they came up with. The drawings can be made at home or at the Victory Hall during our Wednesday meetings. The results can then be shown on this page. It's not a competition, no one's art will be judged and you only take part if you want to.

Click on the Chinese Lady or Dragon image to show the original pages in our 'Have a Go' archive.


Jenny Alderton has sent in a Northern Lights painting she made from images she had seen in a local newspaper. Thank you Jenny.  There are plenty of images to give you inspiration in the media so I invite everybody to 'Have A Go' and make your own paintings of this phenomenon. Use your imagination. I will publish your paintings on this page.


Aurora Borealis pastel with the Colchester skyline superimposed.

by Jenny Alderton

The first two paintings to be submitted, and aren't they great?

by Barbara Thorogood

by Marilyn Harbord

by David Hine (coloured pencil)

A pastel Aurora from Joan Hearsum