Barbara Thorogood

A Winter Walk

The flooded field (watercolour)


A Herd of Giraffes

Barbara's ballerina watercolour taken from a recent Paint magazine.

Barbara's version of 'The Cat Sat on the Mat'. The kitten's name is Luna.

Flying Squirrel

Barbara has sent in some of her pictures. She says "I've still not much time for art; I'm very busy looking after my grandson. Barbara calls the above painting 'Lynx on the Rocks'. Isn't that a drink?

Barbara adds "Below are my paintings of a couple of SAA Paint magazine front covers, the Ostrich, an image I painted for our daughter". (See here for Sally Filby's version).

"Below is 'Hilda', our son's cat, a birthday card and a primrose".

Thank you Barbara. Just the job!